Permafrost Pathways

Jun 8, 2022Climate, Climate, Climate Press, Climate Press

Permafrost Pathways

A critical window of opportunity.


A critical window of opportunity.

Carbon monitoring and modeling have created large uncertainties in estimates of greenhouse gas emissions from permafrost thaw. As a result, these emissions are not fully counted in global carbon budgets and have been left out of climate policy. These omissions put us at risk of miscalculating how aggressively we must curb emissions to meet internationally agreed upon limits, and hinder our ability to develop informed adaptation strategies.

The sooner we incorporate permafrost thaw emissions into our strategies to address the climate crisis, the better equipped we will be to limit future harm.

Permafrost Pathways is coordinating a comprehensive monitoring network to improve tracking and modeling of Arctic permafrost and carbon fluxes, and fostering partnerships with local leaders and national policymakers to harness these data to support Arctic community adaptation and drive international climate mitigation policy change.

AIJ is proud to be a key partner in:


Advancing just strategies to address Arctic warming.

Permafrost Pathways was launched in 2022 with funding through the TED Audacious Project—a collaborative funding initiative catalyzing big, bold solutions to the world’s most urgent challenges. Through a joint effort of Woodwell Climate Research Center, the Arctic Initiative at Harvard Kennedy School, and the Alaska Institute for Justice, Permafrost Pathways brings together leading experts in climate science, policy action, and environmental justice to inform and develop adaptation and mitigation strategies to address permafrost thaw.


Connecting science, people, and policy.

Permafrost Pathways is a collaborative effort that harnesses the combined expertise of leading research institutions and on-the-ground organizations. By bringing together leaders in climate science, policy, and environmental justice, Permafrost Pathways is able to develop the comprehensive strategies needed to address the impacts of permafrost thaw.






Decades of experience and expertise.

Permafrost Pathways engages a diverse and extensive network of scientists, Indigenous knowledge holders, policymakers and practitioners. Our project leads bring a unique blend of experience and expertise—conducting Arctic research, working with impacted communities, convening stakeholders and policymakers—to guide this endeavor.

  • Sue Natali, Ph.D. Arctic Program Director, Woodwell Climate Research Center
  • Brendan Rogers, Ph.D. Associate Scientist, Woodwell Climate Research Center
  • John Holdren, Ph.D. Research Professor, Harvard Kennedy School
  • Robin Bronen, JD., Ph.D Executive Director, Alaska Institute for Justice
  • Patricia Cochran, B.S., Executive Director, Alaska Native Science Commission

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