Permafrost Pathways celebrates six months

Oct 14, 2022Climate Press

Here’s what the project has been up to since it launched in April 2022

Six months ago, with funding through the TED Audacious Project, we launched Permafrost Pathways—a new multidisciplinary project connecting science, people, and policy for Arctic justice and global climate—along with our partners at the Arctic Initiative at Harvard Kennedy School, the Alaska Institute for Justice, and the Alaska Native Science Commission.

On Monday, April 11, 2022, Woodwell Climate Research Center’s Dr. Sue Natali took to the stage at the TED2022 annual conference in Vancouver to introduce Permafrost Pathways. With poised urgency, Dr. Natali delivered a powerful speech highlighting the compounding threats that Arctic communities and our global climate face due to thawing permafrost. Her passionate delivery of such a critical message was met with a standing ovation and has now been viewed more than one million times—even comedic actor and writer Rainn Wilson shared Dr. Natali’s talk

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