The Alaska Institute for Justice’s staff strives to ensure that immigrants are aware of their legal rights and options and to provide high-quality low cost legal representation.

Our attorneys provide consultations and legal representation in matters including:

  • Survivors of Domestic Violence and Other Crimes: AIJ prioritizes assisting survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking and certain other crimes to gain protection and lawful status in the United States
  • Family-based immigration:Legal assistance for permanent residents and U.S. citizens who want to apply to bring family members to the United States or to allow family members in the United States to adjust status to become lawful permanent residents
  • Applications for Lawful Permanent Residence:Assistance in completing and filing applications for lawful permanent residence (also known as a “green card”)
  • Naturalization/Citizenship:Legal assistance for permanent residents who want to apply to become U.S. citizens
  • Temporary Protected Status (TPS):Legal assistance for immigrants who qualify for TPS based on their country of origin and dates of immigration
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA): Legal assistance for eligible youth and their families seeking to apply for deferred action and employment authorization
  • Asylum: Legal assistance for people who have or would be persecuted in their home countries to apply for asylum in the United States
  • Children and Youth: Legal assistance for children who are unaccompanied, abused or neglected in gaining protection and lawful status in the United States 
  • Removal/deportation defense: Legal representation for immigrants who are in removal (deportation) proceedings
  • Criminal Consultations: Consultations for defense attorneys or immigrants on the immigration consequences of criminal convictions

For more information about the immigration options available to you, please call the Anchorage office at (907) 279-2457 or the Juneau office at (907) 789-1326.