On September 21, 2007, the Alaska Institute for Justice opened the Language Interpreter Center. The Language Interpreter Center improves the quality of life for Alaskans with limited English proficiency by increasing access to legal, medical and social services.

The Language Interpreter Center has trained and certified language interpreters and translators who remove communication barriers between service providers and limited English proficient individuals.

Program Goals

Provide qualified language interpreters and translators to government, business and service organizations for Alaskans with limited English proficiency

  • Provide training to bilingual individuals to become language interpreters and translators
  • Provide assistance to agencies to create comprehensive meaningful language access plans
  • Provide training for groups and agencies on working with language interpreters

Language Interpreters

How to Become a Language Interpreter:

Information for Clients/Service Providers:

Training Workshops

  • Introduction to Language Interpreting
  • Working with Language Interpreters
  • Language Access Programs
  • Online Scheduling Assistance
  • Bilingual Staff Training


Professional Organizations:

Other Resources

Language Interpreter/Translator Certification

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act

Staff and Contact Information

Mai La Vang
Program Director of the Language Interpreter Center

Kristina Lauenstein
Language Interpreter Center Coordinator

General Email: